HR Compliance Outsourcing

Businesses with 15 employees or more are subject to almost all of the same employment laws as a Fortune 500 company, yet lack the internal resources to keep up with all the requirements.

Outsource your HR Compliance. alt Bentley Yates and All American Benefits offers a proactive and efficient online tool for maintaining compliance with the mandates enforced by national and state agencies.

alt Bentley Yates and All American Benefits partners with employers to bring your company to fully documented compliance and then continually maintain your program despite new laws, court rulings, new enforcement agendas, or turnover.

Our compliance program includes:

  • Living policies and documents: We update and host all your company policies, forms, and HR paperwork and keep them updated as requirements change.
  • Web-based compliance training: We train employees and managers on mandated topics, and topics that can pose a high risk to employers. As training courses are completed, they are documented and stored in the event you face an audit, inquiry, or lawsuit.
  • Management hotline: Our group of seasoned professionals assists managers, executives, and business owners with compliance related management decisions.
  • Employee hotline: We provide a non-retaliatory, third party advisor to answer employee questions about their specific work environment.
  • Administrative assistance: Your company receives guidance with employee counseling and progressive discipline, and assistance in responding to claims and conducting investigations.

Stop worrying about compliance. Refined over 20 years, our program addresses all the compliance risks facing employers. We not only deliver the program, but we ensure your employees know how to use it and monitor its success. Our program can even be customized for your specific situation/industry/location.

Our Program offers help with:

EEOC, Wage and Hour Division, OSHA, ICE, FTC, NLRB, hiring/firing/progressive discipline, Workers Compensation, ADA, FMLA, and much more.